About Us

BeaconRD is where the light shines into all discoveries and possibilities of Research and Development

An innovative change approach in revealing business outcomes using cutting edge innovation of bespoke Artificial Intelligence (A.i), collaborative foundation, and exceptional knowledge to guide our customers every step of the way in the complex, confusing, and elusive world of R&D Tax credits/Audits.

We guide companies in maximizing and optimizing Research and Development Tax credits recovery by the effective use of advanced customized A.I technology improving Financial outcomes every single time.

Years of Experience and Successful Returns

Our team has years of experience in the R&D space ranging from pharmaceutical to manufacturing. This breadth knowledge, combined with our powerful Artificial Intelligence has helped us return $121 M to our clients and gives us the confidence to make successful claims time and time again.  


At BeaconRD, through the use of our AI, we assess the eligibility of activities, prepare technical reports and related tax schedules and defend submissions to assist our clients in the filing of their R&D claims. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction by obtaining the maximum entitlement under the program and reducing their risk, by preparing claims that meet the program criteria.


Results Oriented

We focus on getting a successful outcome to your claim and we achieve that result using the clearest and fastest path possible.

Customer Experience

The R&D Credit/Audit process can be time consuming and stressful. We want to take all of that burden off you and provide a stress free experience.


We only have the best, industry specific professionals that handle your claims with the use of our powerful, thoroughly tested AI.

Industries we specialize in

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